The spring / summer season is pretty much back to back catwalk fashion shows for us but this year we noticed an increase in clients requesting engaging technology based activities that shoppers can interact with and get involved.

Tech has changed our social habits, with super computers in the palm of our hand we’re able to share everything and crowd source opinions on anything from a global network of people. It’s also changed our shopping habits and retail is having to adapt as a consequence. Tech is changing how we plan, promote and organise events too. Social media plays a big part in event marketing, invitations are becoming digitised, live displays can significantly increase user interaction, and the conversation around all of this can be monitored in real time. It’s a hot topic for our industry and its exciting stuff, so we thought we’d share a couple of examples of how we’re using event technology to enhance user experience, boost engagement and promote interaction.

Event: Trends Illustrated

Client: Manchester Arndale

We installed 10 large touch screen tablets, pre-loaded with designs from fashion illustrator, Dom and Ink. Shoppers meeting a minimum spend requirement at the centre were invited to create their own custom T-shirt and have it printed on site in under 15 minutes. The centre’s retailers were all on-board encouraging shoppers to spend that bit more in order to get involved. Fashion bloggers were invited to upload and share their designs using a unique hash tag which kick started the online conversation around the event. Users loved the simple, easy-to-use interface and the activity attracted a wide demographic with all 10 screens occupied from opening to closing time. Users spent up to 30 minutes at the screens customising their shirts.

Event: Shop and Tell

Client: Churchill Square, Brighton

We installed a live video booth in the centre to support a competition to find the next Vlogging star with the help of Tamara Kalinic from The Glam and Glitter. Aspiring Vloggers were invited to pick up insider tips and advice from the experts before having a go at creating their own Vlog right there on the mall! The entries were posted to the centre’s YouTube channel and the Vlog receiving the most likes won £300 in Churchill Square shopping vouchers! Take a look at the winning entry from Ellice Hetherington with over 8000 views!

Summing up, technology creates easy, pain-free ways for people to engage and interact directly with event activities. From tweet screens to fun photo sharing opportunities it’s a conversation starter, promoting interesting dialogue around either side of the event and creating shareable content during. It means the build-up and the period afterwards now share equal importance with the actual event. If the event is promoted sufficiently the conversations start much earlier and continue long after the activity is over than ever before. The user experience is enhanced, people feel engaged and clients are happy. It’s a win, win!!!

We’ve got more interesting events involving technology coming up but it’s a little early to talk details just yet so be sure to check back regularly with us for updates. Meanwhile take a look at some footage from our Trends Illustrated event at Manchester Arndale:

Video footage of the popular and busy Trends Illustrated event at Manchester Arndale

Video footage of the popular and busy Trends Illustrated event at Manchester Arndale