I love this time of year; coming back to work after the Christmas break all fired up and ready go, plenty of project plans in the pipeline, new business meetings in the diary, events stacking up, new staff starting, and the office to organise. I feel charged up, energised and filled with positivity for 2013. This print by Anthony Burrill, a recent purchase for the office re-shuffle, sums up the Maynineteen work ethic nicely I think: ‘Work Hard & Be Nice To People’

2013 is already looking great. Maynineteen is expanding; we have three new hires starting this month and a lot of new business lined up, on top of our existing client contracts, for them to get their teeth into.  As a result we’re in the midst of a massive office reshuffle. It’s cathartic doing this, a cleansing of sorts, creating a fresh environment where new ideas can be developed.

I took a quick poll of our team to see if anyone made New Year’s resolutions. It seems we are a practical bunch and don’t believe in setting unattainable goals, but we are fans of the humble ‘to-do’ list. Here are a few items off the collective list for 2013: Make some babies, Sing in a band, Produce a film, Travel more, Pay off my car, Move house, Decorate, Grow the business, Go back to the gym… Work hard and be nice!!!