For a change we’d like to share some internal news and take this opportunity to recognise the efforts of our amazing account team.

Congratulations to Nadia Widdall, recently promoted to Senior Account Manager. An invaluable asset to our team, she effortlessly manages the mammoth Summer Camp at Golden Square, alongside a million other events up and down the country. Pulling off different daily activities for a solid six weeks during school holidays is no mean feat, but the repeat business from the client along with the great customer feedback speaks volumes. Well done Nadia! Take a look at our Facebook gallery to see some pictures from last year’s camp.

Congratulations, Mikie Lockwood rising to Account Manager, and big thanks too for all your hard work. When Mikie was asked which of his events he was most proud of he couldn’t decide so we opted for 48 Hours of Fashion, a firm fixture in the diaries of the East Midlands most stylish people… and… simply a gorgeous fashion show. This video shows the results of Mikie’s efforts along with the rest of our Nottingham team.

We’d also like to welcome Ibs Haque to the family as Production Manager. Ibs’s technical expertise is a welcome addition to Maynineteen and we’re looking forward to producing bigger, better, brighter and louder events in 2014 under his direction.

Not forgetting the rest of our team; Chris Todd, Victoria Parkinson, Ryan Greenwood, Jessica Wood, Lynsey Hulme and Katie Coombes. Thanks for all your hard work; the early starts, the late nights, your calm demeanour under pressure, the office banter, the daily laughter and the frequent chocolate treats. You are what makes this office a fun place to work!