We made the Recommended Agency Register, thanks to positive client ratings.

To get on the register companies have to invite their customers to anonymously complete an online survey and provide honest feedback on their services. It can be a bit nerve racking for any business to open itself up to criticism in that way but it’s something we feel strongly about, we welcome criticism, we recognise it for what it is – A chance to improve.

Our motto is ‘Work Hard and Be Nice to People’ and it seems that approach has paid off, we got the positive rating we needed to make the list and so we’d like to share the love (it is Thanksgiving after all) and show our appreciation for those clients who gave their time to complete the survey. We recognise our work is a partnership, we’re in this together with the common aim to create successful and memorable events. Here’s to many more in 2015!

No company can deliver an event without the additional services of their suppliers so we’d just like to take a minute and give credit where it’s due and recognise the part ours play in delivering seamless events. We’re grateful to ALL our suppliers but unfortunately we can’t thank everyone here, so this goes out to those who’ve gone the extra mile for us recently. A huge thanks from the Maynineteen team to you:

JK Dance Productions our creative partners, for their exceptional talent, professionalism and dedication to the dance.

Europa International because they’re simply great to work with, deliver nationwide at all times of the day and night, making our job easier.

Piccadilly Live for always helping us out, even when it’s last minute

Silverback Event Crew they’re a great bunch of guys who continue to provide us with invaluable support.

Our roster of fantastic event crew:

Chantelle Barton, your brilliant smile makes every event that bit brighter.

Ryan Greenwood, for always bringing the positive vibrations.

Chris Addey, our good cop – solid, dependable and reliable.

Bobby Greenwood, because no job is ever too big, except dressing as an elf!