Maynineteen is 10 years old on… you guessed it… May 19th. As the date approaches we’re feeling a little nostalgic about our time in the event industry.

The company was formed thanks to Ian Howard, Marketing Manager at MCFC who booked  entertainment for the last match at Maine Road,  our first real event job. Capitalising on this we began to market ourselves to shopping centres around the country and many successful years of craft workshops and face painting followed.

We’ve come a long way from those humble beginnings when the company operated from the box room of the owners, Katie & Lynsey’s home. Every day we learned more, worked hard loading and unloading vans, driving across country throughout the night. Sticking to our principles of honest hard work and making sure every event detail is important, Katie & Lynsey even left their wedding reception to manage an event!

The hard graft has paid off and today we have an amazing team of project managers and event technicians, as well as a loyal group of freelancers and suppliers, enabling us to produce bigger, more sophisticated events, of which we are very proud. From industry leading seasonal Fashion Launch shows, Summer Camp for kids, to Christmas lights switch on, with the odd air show thrown in between.

We share a tenth anniversary with Apple iTunes, Linkedin, Jet2 and a birthday with such legends as Malcom X and Grace Jones, so we reckon we’re in good company. Here’s to another 10 years of brilliant events!

Join in the celebrations with a drink on us by entering our Facebook prize competition to win a bottle of Champagne. All you have to do is match our staff names to their celebrity looky-likey!